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Our qualified personnel will make sure you feel comfortable and ready for your treatments.

  • Use of the Hamam
    A hamam bath is ideal as a stand-alone therapy or indeed prior to one of our most stimulating treatments, as it allows your muscles to warm-up and fully loosen, whilst calming and relaxing the body. Clients are also encouraged to stay and relax a little longer in the hamam after a treatments, further helping you unwind and recuperate.

    A hamam bath is beneficial and enjoyable all-year-round; for health and wellness. In the winter, it is a warm and relaxing escape. In the summer, it keeps you fresh and rejuvenated. Overall, a hamam bath is the perfect detox, helping you drain and clean your lymphatic system, whilst soothing muscles and joints.

    Use of the hamam at Omerye includes a private changing-room chamber, where you can also take a break and rest at any point; special footwear; disposable underwear; towels; soaps; locker; Tasi washing bowl; and a natural luffa scrub. In the common area there is warm herbal tea, water and fresh fruit.

    Recommended Duration: up to 120 minutes Cost: 20 euro
  • Hamam & Body Scrub
    Full Body Scrub with a hamam glove followed by luffa and natural olive oil soap wash.

    After a hot hamam bath, whilst your pores are open and drained, treat yourself to a full natural body scrub with the use of the hamam scrub-glove, further cleaning your skin from all the dead cells and inner impurities. Then from neck to feet, your whole body will be delighted with a sumptuous natural olive oil soap wash that will help renewing feel and final touch, whilst moisturising and massaging the body. You will instantly see a result and feel the difference.

    This full body treatment not only leaves the skin cleansed, but soft, silky and feeling totally relaxed. A body scrub is ideal during the summer in Cyprus, when the hot and dusty atmosphere dries-up and pollutes your skin. The winter can also be very harmful, as cold, dry winds dehydrate your skin, leaving it dull and flaky. A warm, deep and pure body scrub rejuvenates your outer layer, leaving you feeling fresh, warm and brand new.

    Includes use of the hamam and a 20 minutes body scrub Cost: 40 euro
  • Hamam & Face-Body Peeling
    Use of the hamam and then a face-body peeling treatment with natural salts and aromatherapy oils. Products used are of the highest quality, specially prepared and exclusive to Hamam Omerye Cyprus. This package also includes a moisturising cream massage.

    Nurture a healthy complexion, whilst restoring balance and youthfulness to your face and body with an aromatic oils and moisturising cream treatment. Our face-body peeling provides a quick and natural face lift and bodily delight, indulging in a relaxing touch. Each session is practised by an expert and includes cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, using only the highest-quality skin care products.

    Our treatment journeys to the deeper layers of the skin and structure that shapes the face. The treatment gently stimulates your skin, in order to increase circulation and assist with cell rejuvenation. This improves overall skin condition, whilst toning face muscles.

    Includes use of the hamam and a 40 minutes face-body peeling treatment Cost: 70 euro

Hamam Omerye offers a range of massage treatments to help enhance your overall hamam experience, or as standalone services for relaxation & health.

  • Essential oils massages
    Oils have been used in massage treatments throughout world history. Homer wrote about an oily medium used for massage as early as 1000 B.C., whilst both Plato and Socrates wrote of anointing with oil and rubbing to ease pain. The tradition still carries on today in many cultures and in many forms of massages.

    The use of essential oils is a fantastic way to maximise the healing power of the massage. When combined with essential oils, a massage can have a calming or energising effect. Aromas help stimulate the senses and journey of the mind, whilst oil compounds benefit the muscles, inner organs and skin.

    Hamam Omerye offers a number of massage treatments using essential oils, including a 50 min full body, classical-swedish massage, 20 min back and neck massage and 30 min head, neck and shoulders massage.

    50 min full body, classical-swedish massage with essential oils Cost: 50 euro
    20 min back and neck massage with essential oils Cost: 30 euro
    30 min head, neck and shoulders massage with essential oils Cost: 40 euro
  • Hot stone massage
    A unique yet complete relaxation and stimulation massage treatment, using heated stones and essential oils.

    Small stones are placed along the body's key energy points, evoking a special aura and touch of warmth. Utilising traditional techniques, the deep penetrating heat from the stones help massage the body and release muscular tension. The stones used for this treatment are believed to harness vitality and well-being, warmed in a heady mix of essential oils and spicy, sensual aromas. The direct heat relaxes muscles, joints and bones, allowing for greater manipulation, whilst the key elements of nature offer a sense of profoundness and sacredness, enhancing your balance and arousing you inner senses. A hot stone massage is ideal for the following symptoms:

    • Muscular aches, pains, sprains, and strains
    • Poor blood circulation
    • Depression
    • Rheumatic and arthritic conditions
    • Fibromyalgia
    • MS
    • Stress, anxiety and tension
    • Back pain, and
    • Insomnia

    90 min hot stone massage Cost: 80 euro
  • Foot reflexology
    Dating back over 5,000 years, another ancient treatment and form of natural therapy practiced in many cultures around the world is foot reflexology. Much of the body's tension and stress begins from the feet, carrying through to your entire body. As all parts in our body are connected, negative energy can snowball into serious injuries and strong pain.

    Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle of reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all other organs and systems in the body. In foot reflexology, focus is on these points, using specific manipulation, pressure and massage techniques.

    Foot reflexology is a simple, non-invasive method to help balance the body and release tensions. It is however different to a massage, as it works through nerve endings whereas massage is applied to muscles and soft tissue.

    30 min foot reflexology Cost: 40 euro

  • Dead Sea Mud Therapy
    The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and the saltiest body of water (seven times that of the ocean), rich in natural minerals – contains 33% concentration of salts and minerals, compared to only 3% in the ocean. It is a world renowned health and wellness attraction.

    Dead Sea mud rejuvenates the skin, renewing and regenerating cells via the rich, natural minerals. The high mineral content allows cation exchange to detoxify the skin and help the body revitalise, exfoliate and purify. These minerals draw excess oils and debris from the skin leaving a clean fresh feeling. Dead Sea mud also tightens pores and stimulates circulation, and can be used as a pack for sore joints. It does wonders for arthritis, muscle stiffness and aches, rashes, rheumatism, joint inflammation and itchy, dry skin.

    The Dead Sea Mud package at Hamam Omerye includes use of the hamam, a full body scrub, application of Dead Sea Mud on face and body and ends with a moisturising cream massage.

      Cost: 90 euro
  • Chocolate Therapy
    Massaging with chocolate has many healing benefits. Firstly, its aroma acts as a form of aromatherapy, stimulating the senses.

    It offers a peeling and it rejuvenates and metabolises the skin. It helps to Detoxify the body and therefore a Relaxation of the Nervous system. It is Nutritional through its vitamins and minerals for the blood, bones and joints. It improves the Circulation of the blood because of its caffeine and it is a good method of Drainage of the lymphatic system. Finally it Moisturizes the skin and leaves a beautiful glow.

    The Chocolate Therapy package at Hamam Omerye includes use of the hamam and application of chocolate over the face and body using gentle massage movements. After 45 minutes massaging with chocolate, the body is wrapped with plastic foil and left for 15 minutes.

      Cost: 60 euro
  • 80 euro package
    Ideal rejuvenation package that leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvinated on the inside and outside. The perfect way to enjoy the total hamam bath experience.

    This package includes use of the hamam, full body scrub & a 50 min full body massage with essential oils.

      Cost: 80 euro
  • 100 euro package
    This treatment combines relaxation with therapeutic healing, stimulating the senses and enhancing outer complexion. Treat yourself to this package anytime of the year and enjoy a complete wellness experience in historic settings.

    This package includes use of the hamam, face and body peeling with salts and aromatherapy, as well as a 50 min full body massage with essential oils.

      Cost: 100 euro
  • Bridal package
    The perfect treat for a bride-to-be, to relax, invigorate and prepare a lady for the special day; mind and body. The Hamam Omerye bridal package includes use of the hamam, peeling treatment with salts and aromatherapy oils especially prepared for the bride to be and massage with essential oils.

    The hamam bridal package also includes free entry and use of the hamam for two of the bride's friends.

      Cost: 140 euro
  • Hamam gift voucher
    What better way to thank a loved one, friend, or business associate, than with a relaxing and rejuvenating Hamam experience.

    Hamam gift vouchers are available for purchase in the form of a specific value starting from 10 euro. Gift vouchers can be purchased on site, or over the telephone, whilst arrangements can be made to mail or courier your gift voucher out to the recipient.

    Booking times are still essential, whilst vouchers are non-refundable and must be presented to Hamam Omerye upon request.

    Contact us for further assistance.

Hamam services & treatments
Hamam Omerye always practices treatments in a clean, hygienic and peaceful environment. Products used in treatments are of the finest quality, natural and with essential oils. All services are offered by qualified professionals with specialisations in Physiotherapy. Read more about Hamam Omerye's services & treatments, click here
  •     All individual services and treatments at Hamam Omerye are offered by appointment only.

  •     All treatments at Hamam Omerye are available for both men and women.

  •     If anyone suffers from any of the following conditions it is strictly forbidden to use the hamam:
           Epilepsy; Heart Complications; Thrombosis; or if you are pregnant. Please consult your doctor for any other
           medical conditions and whether it is safe for you to use the hamam.

  •     Strict personal hygiene must always be adopted.

  •     All personal essentials needed for treatments are disposable and abide to strict hygiene standards.

  •     Treatments are provided by qualified professionals, with specialisation in nursing and physiotherapy.

  •     All products used in treatments are of the finest quality, natural and with essential oils.

  •     All prices are tax inclusive. All major credit cards are accepted.
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